love letters


Last week was Danny's 28th birthday.

(I'm not sure how he survived 26 years without me in his life… just sayin')

The weeks leading up to the big day, I was racking my brain for the absolute perfectgift for my amazing man.

A watch? No – he has like a gazillion. And he's really picky about the watches he wears (in a good way!)

Some fun stuff for around the house? No – we get whatever we need when we need those things (plus, he's not really good at faking when he doesn't like something – unlike me (it's an art!)) **side note though, in case anyone is looking for a gift for me, I'm ALWAYS open for fun things for around the house!! (dad, lookin' at you..)

New shoes? No – he's picky with his shoes.

A nice sweater? No – he's picky with his sweaters.

I'm sensing a trend here…… {BABEILOVEYOUIREALLYDO!}

So what do I get the man who has everything he needs, and needs for nothing?

Well, besides the "THIS COUPON IS GOOD FOR ONE YETI!" that I threw together and few pictures of us in some nice frames {#adulting}, I was struggling.

But then it hit me. My fiance is such a tender-hearted man. He loves SO deep, so true, and so pure. Sentimental things mean more to him than any watch, pair of shoes, or fancy vase would be.

Why don't I write him a love letter?


Would that be cheesy? Would he even like it? Would he think it was corny?


Did I care?

Not at all.

But I wasn't sure how I would write this. I think I can speak for a lot of people when I say that writing your feelings down on paper isn't exactly easy! And now a days, it's simple to express your love with a few emojis, GIFs, or a simple, "Love you!"

We no longer express ourselves the way Gene Kelly did to Debbie Reynolds in Singin' in the Rain with song and dance, or Leonard DiCaprio to Kate Winslet in Titanic while racing through the bowels of the inevitably-sinking ship (questionably romantic), or even Ryan Gosling to Rachel McAdams in The Notebook while writing one love letter a day for a year… then kissing her in the middle of a rain storm. Yes, those were movies — great ones at that! But why can't we live even just parts of our lives like hopeless romantics? Act like fools in the name of love. Express every ounce of gratitude for that insanely special person in your life.

So with a little bit of help from the World Wide Web, I googled, "great love letters." Within 5 minutes, I had been transported back to letters from: Nathaniel Hawthorn 1839, Juliette Drouet 1833, John Keats 1819, and Winston Churchill 1935.

These were the exact words I was looking for, but didn't know how to write. There was something so simple yet so profound at the way these two people felt about each other. There were no hesitations, no doubts, just love.

And it was exactly what I wanted to say.


I compiled a few of the best quotes I could find, folded up my piece of paper, and headed home.

But how was I going to present it to him? Just hand it over like you would with one of those cards that play music when you open it? **I now imagine the Star Wars theme music…**


Of course not.

This is a LOVE LETTER.

I knew exactly how I wanted him to receive those words – but I was afraid that if he read them himself, he wouldn't feel the proper emotion that I was trying to convey. That he would just read the words. Stale. Dry. No meaning.

So, I read it to him.

As I read, I could feel my eyes begin to well with tears. Not because of sadness, of course not. But because these were the exact words that I was looking for, but didn't know how. And now here they were, flowing off the page.

After I read the first excerpt, I looked up at Danny — I was no longer the only one without a dry eye.

I continued to read the remaining three passages, each one saying more and more of the words that I couldn't find myself. And once I had finished, Danny and I just looked at each other, not sure if there were even any words left to say. But when he finally did speak, it was everything to me.

"That's the only thing I could have ever wished for for my birthday. Thank you, baby. I love you."

Mission. Accomplished.

I got the man who has everything and needs for nothing the most perfect gift.

(Oh! I also took him out to an INSANE hole-in-the-wall Italian restaurant in Framingham. Happy stomach, happy fiancé… right?)

So with that being said, I challenge you all to take two minutes out of your day and write something sweet to someone you love, or even just care about. It could be anyone! It's those little changes in your life that make a difference, and imagine the smile that'll come from your recipient? That's worth more than any Yeti, vase or watch.

Happy love letter writing, my friends













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