love letters: Joshua Witter to Megan Witter, 2017

After posting love letters, my dear dear friend Megan reached out to me. She graciously offered to let me post some of the poems that her seriously adorable husband has written for her.

**pardon me while I swoon!!**


OF COURSE I would LOVE to share them with my readers! I was so honored by her asking, and I encourage you to share yours with me too.

The world needs a little more love these days ❤


I mean, how stinkin’ cute are they?!? GAHHHHH MY HEART!

Megan is originally from Revere, MA. I met her when I worked at a diner in college called the Knotty Pine (please, for the sake of your own sanity, check it out!). When she told us that she was packing up her car and driving across the country to Oregon, we thought for sure she’d be back in no time. I knew I was going to miss her, but like a seed, she flourishes where she is planted – and Oregon was ready and in need of this Megan flower.

She is quite possibly one of the coolest/wackiest/out of this world/amazing women I have ever met.

“She marches to the beat of her own drum” is the most accurate way to describe her.


Last Halloween, we found out that Megan had married a wonderful man named Josh, whom she fell MADLY in love with. You can feel their love within their pictures – oh my heart! ❤

(Below is a picture of Meg and Josh announcing their big wedding news!) 


But, enough of my words, please please please enjoy the amazingness that is Josh Witter.

(And please feel free to follow these lovebirds on Instagram @Randomm_megann & @azrael269)

Her hair shines in the sunlight, framing her perfect face.

The green of her eyes is intoxicating.

Contagious laughter is always found just below her nose

The lips are luscious, kissing me with grace.

As one our hearts are beating

Pumping love from our heads to our toes.

Yours Forever,


Megan smiles, just for me.

Her lips stretch outwards into a grin and I forget….what was I saying?

The bright eyes that shine with a radiance only matched by her smile.

Contagious and uplifting, it is worth more than precious jewels.

Megan smiles, just for me.

Yours Forever,


Thank you so much for choosing me to be your life partner!

A poem for Megan because she is so sweet.

So sweet her kisses are honey.

She captures my heart with a glance,

A glance that freezes and hold my attention.

Her laugh is a beautiful sound,

The most beautiful sound in the world.

Her kisses are ecstasy made flesh,

Flesh that stirs my loins.

I love her more and more

And more each day.

She is my Megaroon,

And belonging to her I’ll stay.


Have a great day. 

Forever Yours,


To help you through your day, here is a poem.

Lying in bed with your arms wrapped around.

Confiding your fears and insecurities.

Laughing until our cheeks and sides hurt.

These are the evidence of love.

Crying and holding each other for support.

Hiking in the brisk morning air.

Supporting each other in our endeavors.

These are evidence of love.

Passing the hours in contented silence.

Entwining our bodies on the couch.

Singing loud and proud in the car.

These are the evidence of love,

And the evidence is overwhelming.

Every day I thank life and the powers that shape it for our discovery of one another. A more perfect person there could not be. You are the light of my life, my Megaroon, your radiance pierces the inky black and banishes the darkness. Even when I have my doubts, and my crazy won’t leave me alone, all it takes is seeing your face and doubt disappears like a fog burning off in the morning sun. I am yours Megan, totally and unequivocally. In your hands you hold my heart, love it and cherish it or stab it through, it is yours to do with what you wish.

Eternally Yours,


Good Morning My Love!

When I leave you every day, I leave part of myself behind with you.

I feel incomplete.

The part of me that leaves is jealous of the part that stays,

For if the leaving part stayed, I would be whole again and with you.

So cherish forever that part of my heart that jumps with a start at your beauty,

It is yours and yours alone.

Eternally Yours,


Thank you for reading these love letters – and I hope this encourages more of you to step forward and submit one 🙂

… & a few pics of MeggyPoo & I (oh, do I miss her so!)



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