love letters: Joshua Witter to Megan Witter, 2017

After posting love letters, my dear dear friend Megan reached out to me. She graciously offered to let me post some of the poems that her seriously adorable husband has written for her.**pardon me while I swoon!!**OF COURSE I would LOVE to share them with my readers! I was so honored by her asking, and I… Continue reading love letters: Joshua Witter to Megan Witter, 2017


love letters

Last week was Danny's 28th birthday.(I'm not sure how he survived 26 years without me in his life... just sayin')The weeks leading up to the big day, I was racking my brain for the absolute perfectgift for my amazing man.A watch? No - he has like a gazillion. And he's really picky about the watches… Continue reading love letters

about me

Hi! I'm Anna 🙂 I live in the wonderful city of Boston with my soon-to-be husband, Daniel (aka Dan, Danny, DannyBoy) 🙂 I am on the path to health, wellness, and the pursuit of everything wonderful. Thanks for stopping in, and I hope you enjoy these beautiful bits 🙂 ❤